Chaos's Commander

Chaos's Commander

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There are 2 books in 1:

Book one: 
Percy Jackson had been betrayed by everyone he knew. And it was all his fault. In a matter of weeks, Percy's life had turned upside down. Cheated,betrayed,hurt. That's all Percy felt as he looked back at camp for the last time. But what happens when Percy dies and meets Chaos? What happens when Percy finds out who his real father is? What happens when Earth needs Percy's help once more?

Book two:
After 300 years Ali finally gets to meet her brother. But what happens when she does? Will she be happy or disappointed? Will Percy end up suffering or rejoicing after his time on Earth? Will they be the siblings they always wanted?

The only characters I own are Allison and the children throughout the books. All credit goes to Rick Riordan for the main characters.

Ooh who are you?
                              Who are you?
                              Who are you?
                              Ooh who is this kid what's he gonna do?
Captain_Gemini_ Captain_Gemini_ Jul 16, 2016
I love when someone writes something like this it seems fair
childofhades1 childofhades1 Jun 30, 2016
I нave тнe perғecт ѕong ιn мιnd ғor тнιѕ вιт "тнanĸѕ ғor тнe мeмorιeѕ" вy ғall oυт вoy I do noт own I aт all ғor people тнaт мιgнт тнιnĸ I do
TheAshInTheShadows TheAshInTheShadows Jul 06, 2016
                              MIDDLE FINGERS UP TELL EM BOY BYE
                              😂😂 sorry I just imagined him doing this then walking out of Olympus like a boss #persassy
neverfadingstars neverfadingstars Jun 29, 2016
Percy: *dying* oh BTW I saved the world again now I gotta die, CYA IN HELL PEASANTS
I imagine him about to die then say " oh and I killed Kronos"