Dear John

Dear John

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Princess .A. Sterling By IIAwkwardGirlII Updated Oct 09, 2019

❝Together forever?❞John asked biting his lips.
❝Forever and always❞ I replied smiling widely. 

Nova Pascal was happy. You see the key word there? Was. It all went downhill when her fiancé, John Malerick, died in a car crash. 

It's always the same story, some fool decided to get behind the wheel of his car whilst intoxicated and that's when the accident happened; they both died within impact. 

There's just one problem, John left Nova behind. Normally, he's the one to pick up all the broken pieces of her heart -but he's no longer breathing. 

No one said moving on was simple but they never said it was so hard either. 

That's where Harry comes in, Harry Styles -her counselor; the guy with the green eyes and chestnut long curls; also, the guy with a past. 

Maybe they'll both find a way to help each other. Because where there is heartbreak, there's love. 

||Has nothing to do with the movie and song 'Dear John' and was never intended to be||

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