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Friends With Kids (Jack and Jack/Mpreg/Fanfic)

Friends With Kids (Jack and Jack/Mpreg/Fanfic)

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Jack G's pov

I am in the bathroom holding a positive pregnancy test. I got it from the drug store, I told them it was for my girlfriend. The reason why I decided to get one is because I started getting sick and I types in my symptoms and I got pregnancy as one of the possibilities so I thought "fuck".

And I know it's impossible, but I guess it's not. I am kind of excited about a baby, but what are the kids at school going to do? What is Jack going to do? He was the only guy I ever had sex with so he has to be the father.

I wrap the test up in some toilet paper and put it in the trash can in the bathroom.

I go straight to my bedroom to mope and play video games, two things I am exceptionally good at doing. After a few minutes, I hear my parents yelling at my sisters so of course I became alarmed and went to see what's the matter.

"Laura, Molly there was a positive pregnancy test in the trash can, it can't be Jack's so which one of you is pregnant?" My Mom says in a very angry ton...

JolinskyQuad JolinskyQuad Apr 20, 2016
Tell us Mr. And Mrs. Gilinsky was something weird with Jack?👀
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I'm gonna say this as nicely as possible this story so far has no emotion he cried but he never says his or describes other emotions I'm telling you this so maybe you could fix it in future story's I like people being honest with me so I figured I would try it with you
DNyshaNorris DNyshaNorris Nov 15, 2016
You don't expect guys to protect themselves. It's is not normal to see pregnant guys.  
                              Oh I wish it was possible though
JolinskyQuad JolinskyQuad Apr 20, 2016
                              This is what happens when you're used to reading MPregs where Johnson is the one orego
xdentx xdentx Nov 06, 2015
all i can say is if a guy was pregnant and it was like the most unexpected guy i would accept him adn try to be friends bahhahah
that1wierdgirl that1wierdgirl Nov 10, 2014
Isnt it like during pregnancy tart foods means its a boy and sweet foods is a girl