Friends With Kids (Jack and Jack/Mpreg/Fanfic)

Friends With Kids (Jack and Jack/Mpreg/Fanfic)

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Jack G's pov

I am in the bathroom holding a positive pregnancy test. I got it from the drug store, I told them it was for my girlfriend. The reason why I decided to get one is because I started getting sick and I types in my symptoms and I got pregnancy as one of the possibilities so I thought "fuck".

And I know it's impossible, but I guess it's not. I am kind of excited about a baby, but what are the kids at school going to do? What is Jack going to do? He was the only guy I ever had sex with so he has to be the father.

I wrap the test up in some toilet paper and put it in the trash can in the bathroom.

I go straight to my bedroom to mope and play video games, two things I am exceptionally good at doing. After a few minutes, I hear my parents yelling at my sisters so of course I became alarmed and went to see what's the matter.

"Laura, Molly there was a positive pregnancy test in the trash can, it can't be Jack's so which one of you is pregnant?" My Mom says in a very angry ton...

Tell us Mr. And Mrs. Gilinsky was something weird with Jack?👀
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You don't expect guys to protect themselves. It's is not normal to see pregnant guys.  
                              Oh I wish it was possible though
                              This is what happens when you're used to reading MPregs where Johnson is the one orego
xdentx xdentx Nov 06, 2015
all i can say is if a guy was pregnant and it was like the most unexpected guy i would accept him adn try to be friends bahhahah
that1wierdgirl that1wierdgirl Nov 10, 2014
Isnt it like during pregnancy tart foods means its a boy and sweet foods is a girl
pbthirtyseven pbthirtyseven Oct 03, 2014
Well about two weeks ago that baby was litteraly a pain in the butt