Written. (JB//Complete)

Written. (JB//Complete)

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"What's so special that's in that journal of yours?" Justin's eyes gleamed with curiosity and for a second, I thought he was teasing.


"Then why does it seem like you always guard it with your life?"

I took a second to respond. "Because it keeps all of my thoughts and secrets from being forgotten."

He nods. "Like what? Care to share?"



(Justin Bieber AU)

[contains mature content]

Copyright © 2014 by internallybieber

//*Originally a H.S FF by Coexistent*//

The only time I don't have mascara is when I run out of mascara like dafuq
biebsxojdb biebsxojdb Mar 15
No Ferrari 😭   😂😂😂😂😍 this story is 💕🔥💯
Why you lyin 😂 gon make the poor guy confused telling him he tall 😂 the devil is a lie. Lol
AkAbabyfat AkAbabyfat Apr 12
Lol I said shawty at school before and my friend (boy) laughed and from this dat day on when I check him he says and I quote "What's up lil shawty" with a Peace sign up. Idk why tho lol.
Im over here trying to save up for purpose tour for me and my cuz. Its so hard to save when u have to pay other things😣
what do you mean, aayyyeyeye when you don't want me to move but you tell me to go, what do you mean