Teddy's grief (Two Shot)

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Lexi By gooseygoose Completed
It is 6 years after the war and Andromeda Tonks has passed away. Teddy is overcome with grief and Harry can't think of what to do to make the 6 year old happy. It isn't until Harry finds an old piece of parchment that he finally knows what to do.
@jollylolly1029 No... It just to make sure hr doesn't hear gruesome stuff
This is possibly one of the sweetest, cutest one-shots I've ever read, Teddy is the cutest ever!!!
Awww! That's soooooo cute! I absolutely love it! :D Teddy is sooooo cute! :D
This is soo cute! :) You write them really realistically! :D
@gooseygoose I think in his animagus form that he would be a fox, like georges patronus was, so probably Foxpaw or Foxtail? And George could have been Foxxy! Cause he so is lol ^-^