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R.E.V.E.N.G.E ☫ Akame Ga Kill Fanfiction☫

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Name: Ame (雨 Rain)


Age: Teens

Gender: Female

Height: 152cm (5'0")

Eye Colour: Cyan

Hair Colour:

Midnight Blue with Cyan highlights


Ame wears a white sleeveless top with a high neck, black leather skirt, and white short heeled boots that reach past her knees and has ice blue crystal vine lining that make her boots look like mystical elf boots. Overtop, is a ombré (white-black), high neck military coat with fur lining. The only accessory she wears is a blue crystal pendent. She wears her wrist blades on her upper arms, hidden under her coat, until she's in need of it.

When she uses her Teigu, she creates a tiara out of water to wear. The reason why is tied to her childhood.

She has a tattoo of three fancy snowflakes on her right collarbone, the tattoo is the after math and stigma of her Teigu.

Blood Type: AB



M.I.A Parents

Kai (Deceased little brother)

Status: Alive

Faction: Night Raid

Cover: Stre...

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missnoir11 missnoir11 Feb 22
I expect to see 'lemon' written there.
                              Not disappointed, just a bit.sad
SilverWolf163 SilverWolf163 Apr 10, 2017
I'm taller....yaaaaaayyy...I'm sorry its just that I like being a little taller that some people....I get teased cause in short
SilverWolf163 SilverWolf163 Apr 10, 2017
I didn't watch the sub.....soooooo can you please just put imperial arms
missnoir11 missnoir11 Feb 22
Screw the warnings!
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Goor~ omg i used to write it like that. Then one day my teacher was like " its GORE u dimwit " hehe~ XD
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O thank god about time a Akame Ga Kill fanfic to bad there where none here when it didn't have a manga.