Last Hope

Last Hope

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They said that sometimes it takes only one person to come into your life and change it. 

Remy's life in California has been falling apart the moment she fell into depression. Without real people to show her the right kind of support, she desperately tried to stay afloat. A strong feeling in her gut forces her to leave the place she has been calling home for fifteen years. She hopes that in doing so, she'll be able to fulfill what she strongly feels she was destined to do. 

Sarah Geronimo, a well-respected and multi-awarded singer, actress, model, dancer, and brand ambassador of the Philippines, has been in the industry for more than fifteen years. Though fans have been vocal about how much they idolize and aspire to be just like her, Sarah had wanted to do more. She craved to change more and more lives and have been feeling a strong longing for a sense of fulfillment. She wanted to make a difference in someone else's life directly and not just through singing and performing, but she didn't quite now how. 

As fate brings the two women together, both women will realize that this could be the opportunity that they had been longing for all their life; this could be their very last hope. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author especially through her characters in this fan-fiction story do not necessarily state or reflect the views and opinions of the real Ms. Sarah Geronimo. Furthermore, the story of Remy does not necessarily reflect the author's personal story despite some similarities.

Disclaimer: Photos used throughout this story are NOT mine and are taken from Also, posts from celebrities I used for a certain chapter are all FICTIONAL, and are used for this story only. Thank you!

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