NCIS Ziva returns from Israel

NCIS Ziva returns from Israel

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Dana By NcisFanficLover Updated Aug 09

~Ziva left D.C. She wanted to start a new life in Israel. Because her life wasn't like she had always undreamed. She was an agent. She killed people. She didn't want this anymore.~
But then she returned to D.C. ...

That's the translation of my story "NCIS Ziva kehrt zurück aus Israel". But I won't write this exactly like the German one, maybe I'll change some sentences... We'll see...

And -you know- I'm from Germany, English is not my first lenguage. I learn it for many years at school and I'm quite good in English class but yeah - unfortunately not perfect...
So please don't judge me ;) It was nice if you'd comment if I did a lot of mistakes or not.

catkink catkink Sep 24
Your english is really good! This is just my personal opinion but I would love some longer chapters. Apart from that I love this story, its started really well😀
you skip words here and there but it's easy enough to understand and fill in the blanks. Good job!!
TruffelLid TruffelLid Jan 10
Well I'm English and so far I haven't found any mistakes. I've learnt German for four years and I'm terrible at it. Sorry.
densi_fangirl densi_fangirl Dec 08, 2015
I won't judge you because I thing its great that even though others think your English is no good your still trying and personally I think your English is great
california_girl_16 california_girl_16 Mar 05, 2015
The chapter is very good and I think Tony will talk about it. 
                              Your English is great!
Wollywell Wollywell Jan 21, 2015
my english isn't very good too, because i'm living in germany too. but i love english 
                              and I think Tony talk with Ellie about Ziva 
                              and i unterstand your english, so I can read it, because I find it great