Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction)

Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction)

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Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibly the most negative guy in the school, Levi Rivialle, for the upcoming art project, art classes may just start getting interesting.

Shingeki No Kyojin high school fanfiction // Eren x Punk(ish) Levi // From Eren's point of view // COMPLETED

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_1kRISTY1_ _1kRISTY1_ Jan 04
Okay, I'm rereading but goddamn there are a lot of ARMY and Voltron fam over here
Sud4Life Sud4Life Jan 01
All last year my English teacher picked our partners. And this one time I ended up the ONLY girl in a group of six, and had to sit through these boys who were all close friends as they joked, and tried to flirt with me. I hate that teacher so much...
fishnetsket fishnetsket Jan 02
Oi! Just because your a giant does not mean you get to disrespect people who are 5"3😡😡😡 #the5"3midgetsquad
Damn, this paragraph itself is REALLY good. At least I’ve already read a bunch of books so I don’t have to ask or look up words though XD
liyaereri liyaereri Dec 24, 2017
He's not so short where it counts Eren you'll regret your words I promise you ;)
For s split second,  I thought he said "kirito" from sword art online instead of kiddo XD I have a problem