A Kiss Away From You (Kise Ryota Fanfic) ♔ KnB Watty Awards Winner ♔

A Kiss Away From You (Kise Ryota Fanfic) ♔ KnB Watty Awards Winner ♔

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Completed

♔ First Place winner in the category of Ryota Kise on KnB Watty Awards 2015 ♔
♔ Third Place winner in the category of Favourite Shipping Couple on KnB Watty Awards 2015 ♔

[Skin-ship]: (Noun) An exchange of affection through physical contact. Just like touching your mum for the first time when you're born, people practice skin-ship for emotional stability, for forming bonds of intimacy... but to Kise Ryota he wanted skin-ship in order to confirm his love for Katsura Yui. 

Kise reaches the point where he wants to touch her, embrace her and kiss her but one crucial fact he didn't know about her was that she had OCD, a Obsessive-compulsive disorder. A disease where she obsesses about the spread of germs, anything unhygienic causes her anxiety, so she cleans excessively in order to refute these worries of disease.

How in the world would Kise overcome this highly difficult hurdle?

Fangirl_leprechaun Fangirl_leprechaun Nov 06, 2016
I knew it. It IS from Hibi Chouchou, i just realized it. (๑-﹏-๑)
_ayaLoveYOU_ _ayaLoveYOU_ Sep 13, 2016
I love this story.The fact that I also have OCD brought more impact of emotions in me while reading this story. :) Thanks :)
YOLO254 YOLO254 Mar 24, 2016
Wasn't this part also in your story "My Absolute Master"? I think it was Hirose instead or Kise though
userisnothere userisnothere Dec 19, 2015
I love this! You are so creative! :)
                              I really want more of your works! 
                              Please make more works! So good! :)
- - Aug 28, 2015
I used to have it. Still keep hand gel with me and disinfectant.
Mayang-yannie Mayang-yannie Apr 05, 2015
this story reminds me on this one manga called unTOUCHable (masstar) when this guy has this OCD that if u touch him or anything,he cleans it off;hates being dirty...and his  mom called him dirty and tries to clean himself and fell in love with a model one of my fav manga tho