Back To The Start

Back To The Start

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Raine By GoddessOfAphrodite Updated Sep 21

I haven't always been like this. I got straight A's. I never skipped school or even talked back to my parents. I go to parties, but never developed bad habits. So what happened to me? 

Why did the leave me?

When they left I was completely the opposite girl. I wasn't the Tori Adams they once knew. 

I was stronger. 

If he decides to come back, we're not going back to the start.

What I find funny is that her mom and dad used to be the type that thought 'we hate each other but let's just screw' and there saying that their daughter is 'rebellious?' BAHAHA! She got a piercing and they fvcked each other for the fun of it!
the boarding school expectations and Mr. Kingsley reminded me of the movie Wild Child
when you wish your mom was this chill cuz in reality my mom wouldve chased me with a broomstick 😂😂
Heheh, I don't have piercings or coloured hair, but I have a colourful vocabulary, and I tend to intimidate people. Sometimes intentionally, other times, it just happens. Maybe it because the reputation of my brother, but then again, most of them don't know him.... Hmm.
*Snorts* They were fwb that hated each other? Interesting. XD
That's the moment when you call Timara and tell her you're moving in. Your parents raise you, therefore it is completely her fault.