The Wolf I'm With (LGBT-BOYxBOY)

The Wolf I'm With (LGBT-BOYxBOY)

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 (Patrick's POV)

I lay in my bed with Alyssa cuddled on my side, she wraps her hands around me while I did the same to her. We've been together for seven months and I'm crazy in love with her, but in just a few months I would turn seventeen - the age a werewolf makes their senses even stronger. We are also expected to find our mate as we step that age. But I don't worry about that, I am pretty sure she would be my mate. I love her so much than anything else. I glance at the clock and it says 11:38. Better take my rest for school tomorrow. I groan remembering that hellhole of a place. I sigh and prop myself to comfort and let sleep take over me.

                I wake up feeling my side empty. I search for Alyssa but instead I saw a note that said she'd gone home while I was asleep because her father called her informing that her mom is coming back from out of town. I got up and prepared for...

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OHHHHH! For a second there I was like who the hell is Carlo.
Magestic13caticorn Magestic13caticorn Sep 07, 2017
I feel Sterl's pain, I lost my dad a few years ago, I mean it's nothing like what he went through. My dad literally left, he didn't want us, it really hurts knowing that the person you trusted left you willingly.
pottahboy pottahboy Jul 16, 2017
I'm a fake fall out boy fan but to be fair I was watching Spongebob yesterday
People are having so much fun with the name Patrick #spongebobforlife
NaturalAqua NaturalAqua Jul 19, 2016
How ironic. The name of the girl who used to bully me is Vanessa XD
strawberry9090 strawberry9090 Nov 30, 2015
You should add a description to your story, then it will attract more readers. When readers are browsing, they use the description to see if they like the story. Sometimes, if there is no descriptions readers will simply move on. But it's up to you-just a suggestion.