You're My Always And Forever ~ Shu X Valt

You're My Always And Forever ~ Shu X Valt

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Shu Kurenai becomes an assassin after his former best friend dies. He takes a very harsh turn in life, and will murder anyone he suspects killed his friend. He earned the name Red Eye after killing his first target which wasn't the murderer of his friend. Without the murderous mask on, he becomes a K-Pop idol that everyone loves dearly. But when he accidentally breaks into the wrong house, someone finds out his true identity. Fortunately, the person who has Shu unmasked is drunk and will forget everything about Shu, and Shu escapes once again.

Valt Aoi becomes an FBI agent assigned to the murderous Red Eye case. One night, he gets dumped by his girlfriend and decides to get drunk at a bar. When he gets home that night, he finds an injured albino-like boy sitting in front of a broken window unconscious. But drunken Valt decides to let the criminal go once they wake. In the morning of the next day, he accidentally stumbles upon Shu's house and suddenly remembers that Shu was Red Eye.

Will Shu ever find the murder of his former best friend, or will Valt stop him before he can? 

Shu x Valt


"No, Shu. I can't.." I murmured, afraid of the jump before me.

"Do you trust me?" He mouthed as the blaring sirens grew closer. 

"O-of course." I nodded hesitantly back.

"Take my hand." I did as told and I took it. "If we don't make it, just know I always love you."

And with that, I stared crazed at my partner as we jumped from the roof, but he only smiled and said,

"You're my always and forever."


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