My Powerful Mate

My Powerful Mate

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Danielle By Pictures_For_Annipel Updated May 16, 2015

Never in the history of shifters has a man been so powerful, until Gabriel existed. It’s said Alpha’s whimper in his presence and women beg for their lives when they look at him. However when I looked at him, I felt love… I saw my mate.

Charlotte is a soft-spoken 18 year old, who’s been dragged from pack to pack by her brother, Adrian who wants nothing more than his mate.

The last pack they’ve decided is permanent, mate or not. So what happens, when Charlotte and her brother meet the feared alpha for the first time and find he is Charlotte’s mate? What happens, when Gabriel will kill any male to approach Charlotte?

Charlotte learns to persuade her mate for freedom, but also love and care for him, bringing their bond closer.

She is the only one that can control him, the only one that can stand Gabriel’s power.

- - Apr 30, 2016
Thank you author! It's refreshing to finally have a lead female who doesn't give into the nasty and gruesome and most of the time ridiculous rumors that surround her.