My Sister's Babysitter (A Roc Royal Love Story)

My Sister's Babysitter (A Roc Royal Love Story)

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Neicey Bluee By iAm_MickeySwaqq Updated Mar 28, 2015


"Ma! You know I have a championship game in 3 weeks. How do you expect me to be able to watch Kiara and go to practice at the same time?"

"I don't. Your going to have to miss your practices."

"I can't do that ma, I'm quarterback and captain. I can't just not go. It's my responsibility to make sure the team is ready."

"It's also your responsibility to watch your sister."

"Why can't she just come with me?"

"Not against her will"

"Then she can go over to her friends house"

"Not on a school day"

"What about grandma?"

"How is she going to get to school? You know your grandmother can't drive"

"Then daycare?"

"for just 2 weeks Chres? No"

"UGH!" I ran out of ideas

I watched as my mom packed her suitcase more and more. She was going on a 2 week business trip to Japan and she wanted me to watch my sister knowing that I have practice everyday this week and next week. She was trying to hold me back, I can't have that. My practices were after school. Which meant no one was going...

The way i feel bout my husband (august mutherfuckin anthony alsina)
This first chapter was adorable and it wasn't boring it was great
I'm kinda confused cause 1st she was almost 8 then she was 9 about to be 10 now she is 7?
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