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Forget The Past (Ereri)

Forget The Past (Ereri)

78.4K Reads 4.1K Votes 20 Part Story
drugs and anxiety By Sly_Fur Completed

Eren was born into Levi's hatred, and when the raven-haired man wasn't able to kidnap him as a child, he was forced to watch him grow. Now, on the battlefield, they face off. Their hatred for each other growing at the second. But when an attack goes haywire, the two find themselves unable to free themselves before both sides of the battle give up due to their losses. Having to survive with each other makes them realize they aren't so different from one another. Will they find their ways back home? Or die from disease, animals, or themselves?  (DISCLAIMER: Author does not own cover art or characters recognized from Attack on Titan.) ((King!Levi and King!Eren. This takes place in two kingdoms if you haven't noticed))

Tantei_Haneen Tantei_Haneen Nov 12, 2016
gone gone GOOONNNEEE *starts laughing like a maniac while everyone is looking at her and start backing away* MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
DemonKit DemonKit Jan 28
She's probably hugging some poor tree out there on the battlefield
SweetowJack SweetowJack Nov 22, 2016
Take your sass, and put it in your pocket. (No, I love your sass.)
story_kitten story_kitten Jun 11, 2016
I share this opinion; i also believe that we are in a dream like state spending time with those of witch we have lost
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Aug 22, 2016
Nah, I believe all humans are dead and out "lives" are just flashbacks of ourselves. Seeing happy moments and such. *shrugs* I wouldn't mind being dead
-Hiroyuki-kun- -Hiroyuki-kun- Jul 13, 2016
Um the love of your life is right next to you take a look stupid.