Fake dating my ex best friend

Fake dating my ex best friend

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"I have a proposition," He states in the dark Janitors closet. 

Before I can reply with a muttered 'and what would that be?' He answers for me, "Be my girlfriend." 


"Be my fake girlfriend." 

Yeah so I used to be best friends with Ace Beckett, but not anymore. And when I say not anymore- I mean since like we were 12. And now we're 16 so... I guess life has changed. 

Now Ace Beckett is a well known name. A popular name. A name that you typically use in the sentence, "Isn't Ace Beckett so hot?" He's the classic douche basically. 

Then there's me. Well... not that anyone ever really talks about me or to me, but here I am anyways. Aria Everly. Still somehow waiting to see what stupid move he makes next. It's quite entertaining actually. But his next move is the most surprising of all.

Hey guys so this is a quite cliche story but nothing like anything IVE ever done before so I'm pretty excited to see how you all like it!