Between Two Walls

Between Two Walls

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Caren Haeyl T.  Vinid By LoveSoLong Updated Feb 07, 2015

"Why is it that there are times when one's mind wants to forget and move on but the heart still loves that person?" 

"Are you sure you  love the guy and not the concept of love?"  

"Of course."

"Think about it. I wont believe you unless you give yourself some time to ponder with it. Ask yourself,'Did I really love him or did I just want to love him because I would love to feel love?'" 


After going through a major heartbreak, Charlotte Davienne Curtlander has finally moved on and the soft ,warm heart she had was once more turned back into the frozen  slate of ice it was before. The feelings she once had for Lucas Lawrence that she struggled hard to get over has now vanished into thin air . 

Perfect ,right?  Nope. She says she doesnt feel anything for him anymore and every one whom knows her and sees the way she acts would agree to her but after forgetting Lucas, after forgetting what love feels like, she admits to be feeling like there is something missing in her life that makes her incomplete.

What if she then soon discovers that Lucas and her share the same feelings before and he still has feelings for her? Willthis start a new romance or would it just fade away?

What if things  get messy in a way that even Fate cannot control? What would happen?

We thought their story ended but was that really the end or was that just a new beginning of a new story? Find out as we continue to accompany these teenagers in their struggles on finding out what love and life really is.

Let us find out how they'd manage to break the walls blocking  the answers .