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Technologic Love ( BEN DROWNED x Reader )

Technologic Love ( BEN DROWNED x Reader )

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Karter_Carson By Karter_Carson Updated Nov 18, 2014

A/N: I know about the N64, I mean come on when I was younger I would go to my grandparent's house a lot and they're my mom's parents. They have a N64 but not many games, but it was still cool! I loved playing Mario64, Mario Cart, and Bomber Man on it. I also know very little about creepypastas. I know the story of some like Slendy!, BEN!, Sonic.exe, Lost Silver, Resident Evil One Chance, and more but not all. I only know about Sonic.exe, Lost Silver, Resident Evil One Chance, and others because of a Youtuber's segment, I don't cuss so I'll put what I can of the youtuber's segment's name, Bull Creepypasta. Yep I'm a pewdiepie fan which means I'M A BRO! For fellow bros I give you a brofist. I knew about Slendy before I became a bro! I found out about Slendy because of my super awesome friend HailieStickrod! But I don't know what or how I even decided to find out about BEN... So I guess I just know about BEN? I know of some creepypastas but not their story like Jeff, Sally, and others. So...

I was the same as you when I first started out! So we where in the same boat! The key is is 
                              🌟⭐️✨🌈RESEARCH🌈✨⭐️🌟 Naw I'm just playing, just put effort and guess, I mean their all murderers so how hard can it be? (Pretty damn hard 😰)
Hey props to you for writing this! It takes a lot of courage to write and post fan fiction, especially if you aren't already deep in the fandom... so just a quick round of applause for you, and I'm gonna actually read the story now.
Black and White is Dark Link ((you encounter him in Ocarina of Time))
                              BEN is the fully colored one with a bonus of blood streaming from his eyes.
there is no such thing as a true anything fan. if you think you enjoy it, go on and enjoy it! ^^
ChristineAngelBlue ChristineAngelBlue Dec 21, 2016
White and black 'Ben' is actually dark link... :/ I think... I almost know ALL the creepypasta's pasts and story's... :3
The black and white one with red eyes is dark link, the green, blondie, and red eyes is BEN