Taming the Tomboy

Taming the Tomboy

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Beanie Baby By GummyBearAddict7 Updated Jul 03, 2017

Angelo Anderson, badboy player of Melbourne high school, has it all; money, girl, popularity, he even has colleges begging for him. His 6'1 foot body frame wasn't lacking in the physical department either. His Raven black hair and stormy gray eyes could make any girl fall weak at the knees...well except Alexis Noel.

Alexis Noel, Alex for short, the athletic tomboy of Melbourne high. She's not as fortunate as Angelo with her middle class family living in a three bedroom house. She doesn't have boys falling at her feet and if they did it was because they tripped over something. She isn't well liked but she doesn't really care. She had light brown hair and forest green eyes that her best friends always said someone could easily get lost in. For as long as she could remember she was always one of the guys thus why her only friends were indeed dudes. 

Did I also forget to mention that Alex is the only known girl to ever turn down Angelo Anderson? Well Angelo's planning on changing that, but is CJ going to get in the way of that or is he going to let the girl he has been in love with since diaper years be taken away from him.

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Vintige Vintige Oct 26, 2016
I read that in a preppy barbie voice then started laughing like a hyena
TheScaredShitless TheScaredShitless Jan 29, 2017
And in today's forecast is depression with a slite chance of tears.😟😓
__novacaine__ __novacaine__ Jan 23, 2016
So are Alex and Max twins since they're the same age? Orrrrrr
sleepincloud9 sleepincloud9 Jan 13, 2016
Am i the only one the read this like a computer? Or like Call of duty?
2cute_4words 2cute_4words Jan 04, 2016
I honestly hate this. I like the olde classic way where u introduce the characters while telling the story. So frustrating when u have no patience
musicmelove musicmelove Aug 19, 2015
i dont know why but im a getting anime vibe here.... probably just me,.. i like the story so far