Corrupt Me

Corrupt Me

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J.L. Weil By jlweil Updated 2 days ago

He told me to stay out of his way.
He said I didn't belong in his world.
He called me a spoiled brat.

Tristan Malone was an a**hat of the highest power. The black sheep of the Malone family, so why had I been crushing on him since grade school? The problem, other than he still saw me as a little girl with braids, I was dating his younger brother.

Preston and I belong together. That's what we've been told. And I believed them. My parents. His parents. Our friends. Hell, even my college counselor thought Preston and I were perfect for each other. The last thing I should be doing was messing around with Preston's troublesome older brother, especially when he transfers to my school.

But I wanted trouble.
I wanted to feel something.
I wanted Tristan to corrupt me.

+++For those reading on, before you start I want to let you know this series contains mature content, including explicit language, sexual themes, and overall mature words suited for those over 16. 
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!

****This is an upper teen romance by Jennifer Leigh.****