Number Nineteen (Mario Götze/Goetze/Gotze)

Number Nineteen (Mario Götze/Goetze/Gotze)

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Blondiee By _shootingstars_ Updated Jan 29, 2017

published July 2014 _shootingstars_ ©

It should have never happened. Any of it. It would not have happened if Argentina had made in that stupid goal. It would not have happened if he had not been subbed it. He meaning the man who caused it all. The man that I fell hopelessly in love with... but the circumstances suck.


   Lena Schmidt had the perfect life. She got her dream job at the age of 18- an announcer for football, and she made her début during the 2012 Champions League tournament, when she got to announce during the finals. That's where she met her boyfriend- Lionel Messi. He was watching the game with Neymar Jr. It was after the game at a party. He complimented her on her knowledge and accomplishments. They ended up leaving the party together, and going to an expensive restaurant. They have been happily dating ever since.

    That was until the finals of the 2014 World Cup. The twenty-one year old girl was cheering on her boyfriend. Though she was born in Germany, she knew how angry Lionel would be if he found out she was rooting for his opponents.

    She hid her excitement when Mario Goetze scored in overtime, winning the game for Germany.

    Afterwards, Lena convinced the disappointed soccer star to go to a party and forget about the loss. She went home to change, and went to meet him at the party.

   Turns out she got the wrong address, and accidentaly attended Germany's celebratory party. Though she knows she should leave, she decides to congratulate the champions. Thomas Mueller invites her to take a drink, which she hesitantly accepts. Next thing she knows she's drunk out of her mind- and it's morning.

Did I mention that she's in bed, naked, with the one and only Mario Goetze?

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_shootingstars_ _shootingstars_ Sep 04, 2015
soon :) I just got back from vacation a week ago and school has started wo it's a bit stressfup, but I'll update asaic
bandbraceface bandbraceface Aug 26, 2014
Im happy because germany is in europe... And im from europe too. Oh well
xSandra xSandra Jul 17, 2014
that stare was so cute! I kind of ship them already. I hope you continue real soon! lol and agreed, but I always call Mario just Mario though.
xSandra xSandra Jul 15, 2014
omfg i found this story when someone added mine to a list and i found this and the title made me immediately think of Götze and this is awesome. please update sooooon!!!