Love Sick

Love Sick

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shineemyheart By shineemyheart Updated Aug 26, 2014

The frustration is audible in his groan, and he pushes on my shoulders again. 

Big mistake, little maknae. 

I grab his arm and I pull him to me until he falls to the bed. I haven't done this in a long time, but I pull him to me and wrap my arms around him like a pillow. 

"Hyuuuuung! Let me go!" he says, obviously flustered. It's cute and he's not struggling so I pull him even tighter against me. 

"Shhhh. Pillows aren't supposed to talk." I say snuggling my face into his neck and breathing his scent. Its the usual Taemin smell with a faint scent of banana milk. 

Hmmmm, he smells so good... 

I fight the urge to move my lips on his neck just to see what he tastes like. Being sick around Taemin is like being drunk; I can't control myself. 

"But your soup! It'll get cold!" 

"Shhhh, Pillow. Cuddle. Eat later." I say snuggling closer to him and breathing in some more of that dizzying scent of his. 

*Can be read separately, but goes along with my other story "Weakness" (JongKey)*

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monozono_nanami monozono_nanami Aug 23, 2017
Give us a relationship announcement Taemin. That's what we fans want Exactly from 2min. ;)
kookyriri kookyriri May 04, 2017
"*knocks on Jjong's door* I came here to get my teddyMin thank you very much"
KhaNaysha KhaNaysha Jun 12
No he no cut his hair... Taemin looks good with long hair hmmph😤😤
kookyriri kookyriri May 04, 2017
Fate has other plans Minho, they say suck it up and confess, you can always just lock Taemin away if he rejects.... :^)
                              I mean um
shineemyheart shineemyheart May 04, 2017
I hope you're happy I just laughed for like three minutes straight over this 😂😂😂😂
monozono_nanami monozono_nanami Aug 23, 2017
I'm sorry sir Choi. That request is unavailable. Please try again in the next life. XD