Surviving | Attack on Titan | Levi

Surviving | Attack on Titan | Levi

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silverserein By silverserein Updated Aug 06, 2016

| Reader x Levi |  Attack on Titan AU | Modern |

"A thanks would be appreciated, after all I'm the reason both of us are still living," said the cocky man. [Name] looked out the bloodstained window and watched the walking corpses, "Not living; surviving."

A world that was already falling apart slowly, took a sudden turn for the worst. No one knew how it started -- was it was punishment from their beloved God? Or was it a cruel gift from Hell? Nobody knew answer, but that didn't matter. Left and right citizens of Earth died painfully by getting eaten by walking corpses, then they would rise once again as one of the monsters that had killed them in the first place. [Name] [Surname] got caught in the city where it first appeared in America; Los Angeles. A rude, cocky stranger saves her seconds before death. Deciding it'd be best to stick together, [Name] meets new friends, enemies, traitors, and possibly even love in the destroyed world. 

She's not living; she's surviving.

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NiNjaElf NiNjaElf Jun 21, 2017
Ah.. i remember reading this when it wasnt popular, now its over 100k on views! Great job. Im going to re read.
AgustD_Is_Lyfe AgustD_Is_Lyfe Jun 18, 2017
Just watch. The boss is that "rude blonde man" from the plane and it turns out to be Erwin. I'm gonna jinx it, huh?
NiNjaElf NiNjaElf Jun 21, 2017
What does IQ scores have to do with anything...? It really does not define how smart you are more so your efficiency in doing things.
uncannyAccuracy uncannyAccuracy Feb 16, 2016
At first, I thought it was going to be Titans and then I realized....they kind of are like Titans. Eating other humans and stuff.
Major_Otaku_Girl Major_Otaku_Girl Nov 10, 2016
What do you Mena crappy!? Th is is a wonderful first chappie!
TwentyOneBlackSirens TwentyOneBlackSirens Jul 06, 2016
Of course, if there's a zombie apocalypse, all Levi's worried about is the filth.