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Book #3 of The Black Series.

Cannot be read as a stand-alone, it would not make sense if you haven't read the first book, ADAM.


"I hated Rose.

She was too much like my mother in her daring attitude, I can't stand her, nor can I stand the way her long hair swayed as she always rushed out of her own troubles, nor can I stand her blue eyes that were too similar to mine in their struggles.

Her simple presence in the room reminded me of memories and people I'd kept hidden in the back of my mind that she always managed to trigger, I didn't want her around me nor the walls that I have built for myself.

Seems like my walls weren't strong enough, because she broke through them too smoothly."


Life has had many cruel twists and mocking laughs in the face of Adam Black.

Feared, Cold, strong, and well known.
He held his title well, and the rumors lingered on his name like an apple to a tree.

He never minded being misunderstood, until he met Rose.

He was her worst nightmare, while she became his brightest dream.

He struggled in his inner battle as he dragged her life in his clutches along with it, she never knew,

That he never meant for any of it.

In which a boy attempts to make up for the damage he made, and heal himself again.


                  "I can never forgive myself."

'ADAM' but this time, in the villian's Point Of View.