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pizzakidsvevo By pizzakidsvevo Updated Sep 22, 2014

"Hey, let me in!" I called into Sam's room. I saw her sigh, then get up to open the widow.

"Why didn't you go through the front door?" she asked, grabbing my bag

"Your mom doesn't like me." I shrugged

"Maybe if you didn't eat all of our food, then she would like you a bit more." Sam rolled her eyes

"You got plenty to go around. And whatever happened to a charity case?" I smirked, "Where's Jamie?"

"She's downstairs getting snacks."

"Hey, do you still wear this?" I asked, picking up a shirt from a drawer

"No, you can have it." she waved her hand at me. I shoved it in my bag and pulled out the whiteboard I found at a thrift shop, along with a marker

"What's that?" Jamie asked, walking into the room

"I have a bit of a contest for us, and this little whiteboard is going to come in handy." I smiled

"And that would be?" Sam inquired, leaning closer.

"You guys aren't going to like it, but since you've asked, I assume you're up to it?"

"Just tell us what it is." Jamie whined

"The v...