Disney Roleplay

Disney Roleplay

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Defying_Gravity_02 By Defying_Gravity_02 Updated May 15, 2016

Here's some basic information about this roleplay:

-In this roleplay you have to be related to any Disney Character of your choice (ex. daughter, son, brother, sister, cousin etc.)

-There can be multiple sons, daughters, etc. that are related to a certain character

-You do not HAVE to make a female and male characters, but if the genders are unbalanced I would REALLY appreciate you making both

-Please stay active as your character

-You can make as many characters as you'd like

-I will be accepting and RolePlaying on my alternate account, Emm_02

Here's how to Roleplay:

Amy: Hello! *Amy walks into her room*

To talk to someone while not in character, write in brackets:

(@Defying_Gravity_02 Got to go I'll be back on in 20 minutes)

Remember to tag the person you want to talk to


If you guys have any questions, or suggestions for chapter scenery, feel free to comment or message me privately.

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Ms_Horrifying Ms_Horrifying May 14, 2017
A bit stubborn, loves to run, often gets bullied, loves Tourney, very creative and artistic, loves the arts, music, plays, musicals, etc, kind, fun, smart, somewhat shy, somewhat quiet, out-going, insane (in a good way)
Ms_Horrifying Ms_Horrifying May 14, 2017
Captain Hook's biological daughter, adopted by Peter Pan and Tinker Bell is her god mother
PrimroseSalazar PrimroseSalazar Mar 09, 2018
Name: Bella Dawson 
                              Age: 14
                              Parents: adopted daughter of Gaston 
                              Looks: Messy black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, white dress
                              Personality: kind
                              Other: Was found by Gaston after her uncle tied her up to a tree to die
- - May 22, 2017
Arya Harlow 
                              prideful, sarcastic, rude, self centered, attention seeker, 
                              Gigi Hadid with brown hair
                              she really wants a boyfriend
finnie-toziier finnie-toziier Sep 16, 2017
                              Captain Hook
                              Brown medium hair, dark blue eyes, tall
                              Is really good with Pixie Dust and knives
                              Minor anxiety
                              Sarcastic, nice, dark humor
- - Aug 02, 2017
                              Hades (Can I use that or no?) And Meg
                              Brown hair with blue flame at the end, hazel eyes
                              Quiet, looks angry all the time, sarcastic, clever, wise beyond her age
                              Has blue fire powers
                              None really