As I Bleed Out (boyxboy)

As I Bleed Out (boyxboy)

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-Self harm
-Eating disorders
-Abuse (verbal and physical)

If someone saw me right now, they'd probably ask why I am on the floor. More importantly, they'd ask why I am on the floor in a pool of my own blood, dying slowly as my life force drains out of me. 

Don't worry, I did this on purpose.

This is my story; this is why:

blackveilbrides111 blackveilbrides111 Sep 29, 2016
If you think this book is sad so far you need to read these to books there really sad
                              Simply drowning 
                              My damaged little emo prince 
                              They are the saddest stories I have ever read on whattpad they are the only books that put me in tears😭
ggooll ggooll Dec 22, 2016
Notice me senpai, please notice me senpai~
                              I'll fùck off.....
                              Most of these songs are from my emo phase lol
                              I want some boy love tho 😂😂
pinkiemonster12 pinkiemonster12 Jun 16, 2016
Throughout all of era part all I thought was notice me senpai
When your so proud of yourself because you know all the songs
Ashenemy Ashenemy Oct 19, 2016
All you'll ever be is a fading memory of a bullyyyy
                              Make another joke while they hang another rope so lonelyyyy
                              Push em to the dirt till the words don't hurt can you hear meeee