As I Bleed Out (boyxboy) MAJOR EDITING

As I Bleed Out (boyxboy) MAJOR EDITING

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willem By glitterygay Completed

sensitive topics:
-Self harm
-Eating disorders
-Abuse (verbal and physical)

If someone saw me right now, they'd probably ask why I am on the floor. More importantly, they'd ask why I am on the floor in a pool of my own blood, dying slowly as this crimson bullshit drains out of me. 

Don't worry, I did this on purpose.

This is my story; this is why:

  • boyxboy
  • bullying
  • bxb
  • death
  • depressed
  • emo
  • gay
  • heartbreak
  • hurt
  • love
  • mute
  • recovery
  • sad
  • scene
  • selfharm
  • speak
  • suicide
  • triggering
  • triggerwarning
  • violence
phandom_suga_kookie phandom_suga_kookie Oct 01, 2017
Wubzy lives in a tree 
                              He likes to PLAY PLAY PLAY
                              He's got and busy tail
                              (I forgot this last line)
                              This was my show as a kid
music_be_life_01 music_be_life_01 Mar 16, 2017
I know all those bands and they're all amazing yyyyyeeeeeesssss
KillerJackster KillerJackster Jun 30, 2017
Keep the original up while you edit so people can re read it and then read the updated one. Please!!!
FiredEyes FiredEyes Mar 08, 2017
sorry, i disagree listening to the type of music, i like the society i grew in which is rap and r&b
Jace0esuX Jace0esuX Jun 30, 2017
Is it gonna change like characters and story or just like a grammar correction? Because this book is perfect ❤️
ZhangYixingsUnicorn ZhangYixingsUnicorn Feb 07, 2017
                              Most of these songs are from my emo phase lol
                              I want some boy love tho 😂😂