The King and The Ginger - Austlan Cashby (MPREG)

The King and The Ginger - Austlan Cashby (MPREG)

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Austin Robert Carlile is king of the Of Mice & Men kingdom. He had been king for five years now, stepping as king at age 21, and him now 26, almost 27. He was a very intimidating man, but not heartless. His wife had died a few years back, and they had no children. And he was looking for a new spouse.

Alan Anthony Ashby was a nobody, just some commoner. He worked on a farm with his family. He wasn't of any of importance to the king, per say. He just delivered some of his family's goods to the castle.

But both their lives were about to turn upside down when Austin goes on his usual runs on his horse, he goes into the woods and sees a stunning beauty bathing in the river.

He swears to himself that he will find out who that is. And he does because when he checks on his kingdom, he checks on the farms as well and he sees his mysterious beauty works in one.

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PellyBee PellyBee Jun 26, 2017
I love that everyone was like " she's dying i don't want her to.... WHAT THE HELL WOMAN!"
southparkcrazyanime southparkcrazyanime May 19, 2017
You can loose your balance while sitting? I never knew that!🤔
gavraela99 gavraela99 Aug 03, 2017
Well, at least she admitted it to him before she died instead of leaving him with a lie😐
10000PaperCuts 10000PaperCuts Dec 22, 2017
Geeeeeeeeez that was nice buuuuuuut on the other hand that's not so nice at all
Doomsy Doomsy 4 days ago
I hope he doesn't take Alan back to that bedroom to "sleep". He should build a new bedroom, one his wife didn't die in.
Doomsy Doomsy 4 days ago
Um, he probably needs to know about the pregnancy thing or you might end up with a surprise grandchild