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After five years since they broke up, Miley decided to call Nick after she recently found out that he was engaged.

What was supposed to be a simple congratulation turned into a great plead for them to meet when Miley broke down into tears and asked Nick the only thing she was sure he wont turn down; to come home.

With a plane ticket to Georgia and an aching heart she went back to the place she has always knew and loved, but mostly because she always believed that home is where the heart is, and possibly had the answer to the biggest question; can an old flame burn bright again?

But Nick told her that a dusty old log cabin does not have the magic to bring two people back together, even though they both vowed to come back whenever they needed each other and needed direction; to love or to move on.


"heart-warming, beautiful love story and addictive." -JennySmiler17

"one word; breathtaking. It was an incredible story and I 
couldn't put the story down for even a second." ★★★★★- staynickjonas

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"Magnificent work, heart-warming and awfully emotional, you'll need tons of tissues reading this!" ★★★★★-Lucri10