What about a change?

What about a change?

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Riverdale_101 By sPoNgEbObiSsHoOk Updated Aug 20, 2019

Betty Cooper, The "Nerd" as students  at Riverdale High like to call her she's been bullied all her life from Jughead Jones himself and his player group. Apart from school at a young age she had to deal with the death of her mother, leaving her with her abusive father that never misses the chance to bring her down and hurt her. On her last year of High School she decides to change her appearance so nobody messes with her, but will that change bring someone closer to she never expected or will things stay the same? You never know in Riverdale.

Jughead Jones, The "Ladies man" the player of Riverdale High that has most likely slept with every girl in school except for the "Nerd" Betty Cooper. He's always bullied her for no reason without even knowing who she is or what she's been through. After basically been with everyone girl he gets bored and what's someone different to just play with her heart like he always does or will this time be different after seeing "Her". 


-Strong language 
-self harm