tessa || h.s

tessa || h.s

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"It says I love you. Because I love you and no offense, but you're wrong. You're wrong about us being on different paths. We're not on different paths, you're my path and you're always gonna be my path. And I know there's a million reasons why we shouldn't be together, I know that. But I'm tired of them, I'm tired of every single one of them, you know I gotta make a choice, Tess, and I choose you. I'm following you now-I'm just gonna follow you everywhere. I'm just gonna follow you for the rest of my life."

This story has nothing to do with After, just because the girl's name is Tessa, doesn't mean it has anything to do with After, I just love the name Tessa. Okay? Okay.

Lily Collins as Tessa McMartin

Dats my name, the one and only, the best Tessa there ever will be as well
sammyyyyyymolina sammyyyyyymolina Mar 14, 2016
Wow I can't wait to read this because all ur books are amazing so I'm sure this will be the same 💖💖
wonderzaynland wonderzaynland Nov 02, 2015
Okay. If anyone comments on how this is after imma shoot them... NOT EVERY FANFIC IS AFTER
catherineberryy catherineberryy Jun 26, 2015
This is pretty much an exact quote from the amazing spider man 2. Could u not come up with ur own stuff?
weltreisender weltreisender May 08, 2015
Hiii! My friend recommended this story to me! I can't wait to read it. I know it'll be great. :)