Where I Belong

Where I Belong

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Evonne By MissyElliott Updated May 02

Ava Mendez..

Smart, sweet and one of the most loyal girls you will ever meet. After just having graduated from medical school becoming a qualified doctor Ava was looking for a job.

Living at home with her mom 23 year old Ava was bored. All her life Ava was always buried in a book, her school work always came first and now with her having made her dream come true she was moving onto bigger things. Ava always felt something was missing in her life, had been since she was 7 years old. Her father. 

Frances 'Franko' Mendez president of the infamous Devils Due motorcycle club (mother chapter). Franko is a powerful and dangerous man who ruled over all Devils Due worldwide. He is highly respected but mostly feared by other MCs.

Follow Ava through her journey of being thrust into a world where she doesn't belong. Ava was in search for her father but what she didn't expect to find in a club full of criminals was love.

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ThugBear6 ThugBear6 Jan 25
What America is she talking about? Cuz, just sayin, it basically take a day to drive from Fort Worth to El Paso
Harley_Quinn07 Harley_Quinn07 Jul 03, 2016
Exactly!!! Even with a COLLEGE diploma jobs are hard to find, your either to young, to old, or Not enough experience
Her0818 Her0818 Mar 26, 2016
Omg I tried so hard to finish this story but she pissed me off so bad can't stand this book anymore
- - Apr 01, 2016
So she got pregnant with ava at 16???? Wow..... What a bad statement...
- - Apr 01, 2016
She could never in a million years could have gotten a bachelors, masters and doctor degree by 23!! No way!!
FacedByBoo FacedByBoo Sep 26, 2016
Teenager/Adult problems want a job but need experience... But you need that job to gain experience.