walmart candy {stylinson}

walmart candy {stylinson}

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eddie By larrywho Completed

❝you're the boy who keeps putting candy in my cart?❞


❝dude, what the fuck. why?❞

❝because each one of them reminds me of you,❞

in which a walmart clerk secretly puts notes and a piece inside another boy's cart who comes everyday.

all rights reserved, cover done by larrywho (yo)

7/28/14: fanfiction: #831, teenfiction: #977

SilenceMySeptember SilenceMySeptember Nov 21, 2016
Idiot, he'll find you by your name tag lmao, not many cashiers at walmarts 😂😂
Pansexuwhales Pansexuwhales Dec 17, 2016
My voicr black like my soul, every day wear and inner ghettoness
SilenceMySeptember SilenceMySeptember Nov 21, 2016
Lmao you can't even be a gentleman and pay for the damn candy?? And um you told him your name ofc he'll find you.
selcouthrimo selcouthrimo Sep 08, 2016
I remembered when my English teacher asked us to do a book report about The Name Of This Book Is Secret back in elementary and I didnt do and pass my book reports bc I was so lazy af huehue well, didnt know I would be into books months and years after phew
_Summi_ _Summi_ Mar 24, 2016
Had it been me I would've found who it was and married them cause FREE CANDY!!
Raspberry-Cheesecake Raspberry-Cheesecake Aug 04, 2015
Is there also a translation of your book? I mean, I do speak English fluently, but nevertheless it's easier for me to read stories in my mother tongue... :)