Three Tasks| Book 2| A novel in the Blue Moon series| An Avengers fan fiction series|*under editing*

Three Tasks| Book 2| A novel in the Blue Moon series| An Avengers fan fiction series|*under editing*

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Sierra Daniels By yourmybeautifulsoul Completed

Thea has never believed in vampires. But then again, she had never believed in demi-gods or superheroes or aliens until six months ago when her home and her life was destroyed by the invasion of the Imeldi. But her belief is about to be changed. 

She is getting used to living with Max and Kyle, and even beginning to enjoy it, although school is a hassle. She is relieved to go back to New York, at least for a little bit, even under saddened circumstances: the death of Gwen Stacey, Peter's girlfriend. 

While she's there, she and Jack rig a portal, where she hopes to travel to Asgard to visit Leah. But something goes wrong, and instead, Thea is tossed into a room with a stench of death, and a fanged creature named Videl. 

Videl forces her on a journey of Three Tasks so that his kind, the Velah on a distant, hidden planet, can come back to power. Thea turns to the Avengers for help, and the team comes together to accomplish the impossible. But Thea is in for a lot more than she thinks. And she begins to realize that perhaps time and the cherishing of it is the most precious and challenging gift of all. 

"Three Tasks", the action-packed sequel to "Blue Moon" offers steadfastness and loyalty, heartbreak and courage, and most importantly, the gift of family, whether by blood or not. 

RATED PG-13 FOR: spattered language throughout, moderate violence, and  occasional innuendo
*UNDER CONSTRUCTION* I hate how some of the book is extremely vampire-y and too much for me, so I'm backing up and re-working some characters, especially Videl. Go ahead and read it, if you want though!

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Mayo26 Mayo26 Jan 18, 2015
OMG WHEN I READ THIS, MY MUSIC WAS ON SHUFFLE AND THE SONG 'Daylight' BY 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER CAME ON!!!!!! the song is about vampires-ish its a really good song btw
_Mischief_ _Mischief_ Jul 15, 2014
You can not just leave me hanging like this, I need to know more... I'm going crazy right now! Please update! *Insert adorable puppy dog face (like Jack's)*
LadyHiddlesLoki LadyHiddlesLoki Jul 15, 2014
I Can't wait to see what happens in this story :) loved Blue Moon so much and really looking forward to this one :) Please update soon :)
trustcomeshard trustcomeshard Jul 15, 2014
Ok let me just say you picked a mighty fine man to portray you new characters :) @yourmybeautifulsoul
readingjj readingjj Jul 15, 2014
OMG this is so awesome I can't wait for the first chapter☺️
assemblethefandoms assemblethefandoms Jul 14, 2014
i can't wait to read it!, it will be better than before! Even if topping that would be possible!!!