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I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend

I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend

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cupcake faces By cupcakefaces Completed

Meet Riley Hill she loves her brother's best friend. She has to keep it a secret from all her friends plus her brother. After all that there will be romance, heartbreak and tradegy. Will Riley survive it all or will she fall short. You Will Have Too Read For Yourself.

tamiashingoose tamiashingoose Mar 06, 2016
Then wtf , why was she dancing with that guy Danny lastnight then. And he kissed her and she didnt do anything about it.
vickyvall2 vickyvall2 Apr 12, 2016
She has a boyfriend and she kiss some random guy and then she flirt with Ashton, like WTF?!
shady4ever101 shady4ever101 Jun 22, 2016
I bet he cheats on her and she catches him Bc that us what happens every time
Paigey100pool Paigey100pool Feb 25, 2016
that moment when I actually know a real person named Rylee Hill
Ouat_Bookworm Ouat_Bookworm Jun 28, 2016
1imnotperfect1 1imnotperfect1 Jun 29, 2016
Didn't she say she thought of him as a brother? Cause I have a friend like this and I would never do this😂😂😂 but ok