I'm Sorry Mr Alpha

I'm Sorry Mr Alpha

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EletricSparks By EletricSparks Updated Nov 25

"Submit" He growled baring his teeth. I whimpered at the Alphas tone but I kneeled tilting my head to the side and presenting my neck to show him that I'm not a threat to him or his pack.

"Why are you on my land" He barked. I whimpered again and tried to think of the words to answer him with. Should I tell him the truth or should I tell him something else.....?

"I won't ask again rouge why are you on my land?"

Chimellee Chimellee May 19
First off I'd like to say khaleesi SHOULD BE THE LAST IMAGE TO BE PRESENTED AS A CHARACTER WHO SUBMITS I honestly haaatttee women submitting to men. That is my opinion if you do not care for my opinion they don't read or bother to argue, I just needed to let that loose good bye ✌
bubblove bubblove Sep 12
Ofcourse u should write the book !!!! It's  the first chapter of the book and I'm already hooked .....!!!!