Daughter of Death

Daughter of Death

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ccgruber By ccgruber Updated Jun 30

The supernaturals are real, each one championed by a different deity and blessed with gifts and magic aplenty. But the Deadly Ones, those chosen by the death deities, were deemed too strong. A long-ago war succeeded in eradicating them from existence, and their gods have demanded retribution ever since.

Simone Silverson is the Vessel---gifted with all the death magic the deities have to offer and sent into the world for reasons only the gods know. Hidden in the human realm for nineteen years, she must return to the supernatural realm of her birth to unleash her magic. 

With war looming on the horizon, will she master her gifts in time to save those she loves? Or will her death magic, the only thing that might save her, damn her instead?

Cover image: Photo by Damon Lam on Unsplash