Mr & Mrs Chance (BTS Taehyung FF)

Mr & Mrs Chance (BTS Taehyung FF)

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Chee. By ItsCheeXO Updated Jul 14, 2019


"Um- okay- we'll- Yh- Whatever, you may leave now" I direct him to the door urging him to exit out of the bathroom.

"Well now that we are here, alone. Don't you think we should have some fun" he said before bringing himself closer and closer.

Within seconds I could feel his breath on my skin. Was he going to kiss me? Instinctively I closed my eyes, waiting for his lips to land on mine.

"I like you" he whispers against my lips, I open my eyes in shock. His teasing expression causing  my cheeks to redden. 


Spin off book from "Mr & Mrs Workaholic" (can be read without reading the 1st book, however I highly recommend reading it :) 

This is how Park Jennie, a fashion designer and sister of Park Chaeyoung fell in love with Kim Taehyung, a wealthy, rebellious businessman and Jeon Jungkook's best friend. 

They met by chance, but as they grow to learn each other perhaps it was fate ♥️


Enjoy ♥️