Perfectly Me.

Perfectly Me.

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Never listen to anyone that says you need to change something about yourself! The only person you have to please is you, and you are perfect just the way you are! :) Believe in yourself, for your differences are what make you stand out.

See that blemish on your face,

Everyone tells you to erase,

But you seem to think,

While you're on the brink, 

That blemish is your own grace.

See that bend in your stance,

Noticeable with just one glance, 

Heal it, they say,

Make it go away,

But you carry on with your prance.

See that frizz in your hair,

The one that makes people stare,

"Look at that awful mane,

Walking around she looks insane!"

But this is the only style you can bear.

See the extra fat in your thighs,

Where all the food you eat lies,

They tell you to lose that weight,

Then you'll start to look great,

But here you're content with your size.

See the strength that you have within,

The one that makes you believe in

How you look and who you are,

And how it SHOULD be...

NerdiliousRead NerdiliousRead Feb 27, 2015
Wow that was amazing. First I just l-o-v-e LOVE poems that ryme. And this is sooooooo deep and its just... I love it. Also reminds me of one of my far quotes.
                              "Be who you are, and say what you want to say. Because those who mind don't matter. And those who matter don't mind." - Dr.Suess.
SuzyHazelwood SuzyHazelwood Feb 06, 2015
Beautifully said!♥  I agree, we should never listen to what other people have to say about how we are.  Enjoy being yourself!!
- - Jul 15, 2014
You said it! Keep writing- the world needs literature like this and people like you!
crazy_girl122 crazy_girl122 Jul 03, 2014
Your poem is just so inspirational and has helped me so much with who I am not who people want me to be so thank you!
TheBigSavage TheBigSavage Apr 29, 2014
This is the first thing I read on Wattpad, just to get that out there. It's pretty damn inspirational, and I really enjoyed it!