Because My Car Hit You | ✔️

Because My Car Hit You | ✔️

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When Hanna Greenbay hit Sage Fischer with her car, she planned on two things: 

1. To not go down for attempted murder

2. Move on with her life

Unfortunately for her, number two played out a lot differently than she expected as she finds herself sucked into the life of Sage Fischer and his Wereworld where everyone seems to want a piece of her. 

Will their love blossom in the little security it had from the start, or will it get too hazy to feel at all? 

Mark Your Territory.

* slightly edited*

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StrangeLittleThing StrangeLittleThing Apr 24, 2017
How is she going to pay for her tuition? Does she have a part time job or something? What about the medical fees? (Sorry, I'm just curious)
FallenAngel1707 FallenAngel1707 Apr 26, 2017
That imagery was a weird sight, i imagined something so weird
kahaysia2000 kahaysia2000 Dec 12, 2017
My father died of cancer last year they told me the same thing but know I get to keep his Ash in a special case and I feel a little connection to this book 😢😢😳😳
ThePainKiller ThePainKiller Mar 11, 2017
You sound like the person that makes that one side character everyone loves die...............-gets down on my one knee bowing my head- don't let them die tragically please
my Neighbor died before my birthday( 13th Jan), a day i will never forget :(
Black_Strawberries Black_Strawberries Apr 16, 2017
I love how she is like "your the guy I almost killed three weeks ago" like it was nothing