Because My Car Hit You | •••

Because My Car Hit You | •••

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☼ SheaStephanie ☼ By SheaStephanie Updated May 29, 2016

When Hanna Greenbay hit Sage Fischer with her car, she planned on two things: 

1. To not go down for attempted murder

2. Move on with her life

Unfortunately for her, number two played out a lot differently than she expected as she finds herself sucked into the life of Sage Fischer and his Wereworld where everyone seems to want a piece of her. 

Will their love blossom in the little security it had from the start, or will it get too hazy to feel at all? 

Mark Your Territory.

Devita33 Devita33 Aug 21, 2016
😂 what a way to start a conversation! Ah so excited! This is going to be good
ChantelPienaar ChantelPienaar Jul 19, 2016
You are Amazing!! I love your book and thanks again for helping me with my book and all my Questions. The world needs more people like you. :)
bomorganpterodactyl bomorganpterodactyl Jul 15, 2015
well I'm pretty sure after me commenting the crap out of your story and liking every chapter you'll probably wish you didn't capture me xD
Sibiana Sibiana Jul 05, 2015
The readers have now become pokemon (which i don't own), the dynamic intro was super effective.
QueenEurydice QueenEurydice May 18, 2015
I fell in love with dis book the moment I read d trailer. I've been searching and searching for dis book and I finally have it
75sandwiches 75sandwiches Apr 11, 2015
Ok, I don't understand this. What do you do in this subject? Is it like politics but only focusing in the US?