Whiskey Latte

Whiskey Latte

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Maria Killjoy By alcoholandcaffeine Completed

Millennial immigrant Ingrid has quasi-settled in Berlin. She's got a place of her own, the beginning of a career and 'a conscience but not a heart,' according to her barkeep best friend (with benefits), Remi. 

Dale is an awkward exchange student, abroad for the first time and powerless to resist Ingrid's charms when a mutual friend introduces them. He gets tangled up with her at the same time as his newfound mentor Oskar confesses to Ingrid about the heartbreak she caused him way back when. 

Trapped between her conscience and her urge to sink her teeth into fresh prey, Ingrid must make a choice. Give the wishful-thinking fool what he wants and tear him to pieces, or let him go and hope for the best? 

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