Inevitable Flaw | Wattys2016

Inevitable Flaw | Wattys2016

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A collision of raw flaws inevitably divorce the proximity between the innocent and the tainted. 

But will history straddle its suffice as means of fusing the differences mocking a faint decision, or will it just rot the bandaged hope fragile in heal?

With anecdotal suffering and a naive heart, Aamirah's vulnerable mind swims in grey, blind to routes of light. 

Faith redundantly evokes that the environment has displaced the real him. The man whose childhood years were lived aside her's, hurts and lies. Yet, under the forced exterior, his heart still emanates the same warmth, red of foreign.

And so the flare to her candle flickers away, vanishing, until it's a dark abyss and her mind befriends the potential; His potential.

Their potential future. 
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This novel is entirely fictional, names and corresponding events are completely coincidental.

bvbxxz bvbxxz Aug 30
Bruh just please shut up you don't what you are taking a loud and you are as heck can't tell. E what to do based on your religion
Adam stop being a creep and ask her dad for her hand in marriage.
Being_a_tomboy Being_a_tomboy Dec 19, 2016
I like the chapter but mostly I love how you play with the words!
                              Its really awesome! :D
mal_liha mal_liha Sep 27, 2016
Your style of writing amazes me and i think i will love to read this book till the end.
WhisperFlora WhisperFlora Oct 13, 2016
I like the attention to detail in your writing, can't wait to read more!
urge123 urge123 Feb 12, 2016