Somewhere Left Inside (Book Two)

Somewhere Left Inside (Book Two)

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Completed. Book #2 of the Nowhere Series.

Charlize has been through it all. She's found out what truly happened all those years ago, and figured out the secrets to her 'abilities'. Besides a return old crush, untamed powers and now two older brothers - what could go wrong?

Nathaniel has tried to protect his sister through everything. It didn't go his way though, because she's getting into more trouble than she used to. A haunting journey to his past, return of old friends and people out there with the wrong intentions - how will he define the impossible?

Cody thought that no one deserved a second chance. He thought that he would be running away from his past - but never did he think about the future. A large role of responsibility, undiscovered secrets and a trip back to his childhood - how will Cody save the day again?

❝ "Do you have a swim meet?"

"I'm not on the swim team."

"Are you meeting up with a boy?"

"Sadly not,"

"Do you have a before-school detention?"

"For once - no,"

"Then why the hell are you awake?" he grabs his cereal from the top drawer. "Usually Nathan has to drag and threaten you out of bed," ❞

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[You don't have to read book one first, but I highly recommend it]