'Till The Day I Die [How To Train Your Dragon Fan-Fiction]

'Till The Day I Die [How To Train Your Dragon Fan-Fiction]

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Jessica Sharp By Nobody2014 Completed

It's been a month since Dragons and Vikings were brought together, now the only thing left to do is train them. 

Its close to winter in Berk, putting everyone on edge for food. 

Hiccup, the chiefs son, also the one that brought dragons and Vikings together isn't worried about the snow at all. 

He's usually the one to take advantage of the snowy weather, going dragon sledding with Astrid and the gang. 

But when Hiccup, mysteriously falls ill with an unknown sickness, Stoik's worries for his survival in the cold grow.

In hopes to cure his only son Stoik sets out to sea to find the right medicine leaving Hiccup in the constant care of Gobber and Astrid.

When tragic strikes, and Hiccup is now left on his own, his chances of surviving become small.

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Just bc this is a slight grammar error it made me laugh : Always trust you are a dragon 😂 I’m sorry but it made my day
TheExorcistGirl TheExorcistGirl Mar 08, 2017
Y'all are killing me especially since I finish dragon riders of berk I'm sad😭
Dragonology2010 Dragonology2010 Nov 22, 2016
A couple grammatical errors here and there, but otherwise it's good so far!
JenniferTjandrajana JenniferTjandrajana Feb 22, 2016
I didn't get why in Gift of the Night Fury Hiccup wore his helmet but in the tv series he didn't
Shy_Akward_Person Shy_Akward_Person Nov 09, 2016
@Gabby081 is it bad I never seen gift of the night fury I haven't even heard of it
KitKattKittt2349 KitKattKittt2349 Jul 09, 2016
Unless your Snotlout because you'd get thrown off into the freezing cold water