For the Better or Worst? | Book 1 | Xiuhan/Lumin| Editing Ch. 8

For the Better or Worst? | Book 1 | Xiuhan/Lumin| Editing Ch. 8

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Luhan is Xiu Min's bully. He likes to tease him and call him names. He only does that because of how xiumin looks. Xiumin wears big round glasses that make him look like a nerd. That is why he gets bullied by luhan.He tries to be a sweetheart to everybody, even though they might not be nice to him. Luhan  on the contrary is the opposite of xiumin. He wears shades, dark cloths and has a bad boy vibe, but he is not. He is just a simple jerk to xiumin. Xiumin on the other side is a  person that  smiles, is polite, friendly, funny, and creative. He loves what he does. Everything in his life is perfect besides the fact that he gets bullied. 

One day when the trimester ends luhan showed his report card to his father. His father was furious because of the grades he has gotten, and called the school to see who could help his son with his studies.  The school sends him the top smartest kids for him to choose from.

 He got all that fast and easy. The school knew who he was.

KathyPTX KathyPTX Nov 12
That's illegal isn't it
                              But then again in Korea it may be different....?
When it said "*Ring ding ding*" My music player went to Ring ding dong and I laughed hard then I should of Cx
angeliica14 angeliica14 Aug 28
Luhan if this wasn't a story I will hurt you even though I have to like stand on something
KathyPTX KathyPTX Nov 12
If you think he is ugly why are you staring at it 
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Of course it isn't that Luhan, because there are so many people with the name Luhan.