Exo Mpreg "Please Love Me Too"

Exo Mpreg "Please Love Me Too"

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This includes slight of what teens can't read...so Im warning you kids!For adults only!

Kyungsoo knows he's a straight guy and getting pregnant is really something stupid!He hates it!This is'nt normal for a guy like him.He does'nt like it but he wont let the baby die.
Its all because of that stupid guy Kai!He trusted him even if he knows what he feels for him.He never thought he'll betray him.And now its making him suffer.Still in highschool but soon to be a mom?He's really not sure how his baby will call him soon.
Ughhhh!What about his dreams?! He wants to get married too but not with a man!Not with that stupid rapist Kai!

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EmilyHidalgo95 EmilyHidalgo95 Jul 27, 2017
Poor Kai got kicked out and I'm glad he had Kyungsoo as a friend.
TheForeignSwaggers TheForeignSwaggers Jul 14, 2017
Honestly I dislike the ChanBaek ship. I think they fit more as really good friends rather than a couple. Plus, I ship Sebaek
chibiromi chibiromi Aug 18, 2016
Omg shits gonna get real 😂 better stop rn jongin satansoo had spoken 😨
anarchaic anarchaic Oct 08, 2016
Ryeowook why tho, I'm happy u did this as the extreme fangirl fro Kaisoo I am but why tho