"I'm fine" ~ a depressed spiderman

"I'm fine" ~ a depressed spiderman

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BoOkWorM!!<3 By neighborhood_loser Updated Sep 27

"W-What do you want?", Peter said shakily.


"To break you"

In this au Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) is a depressed little cinnamon roll. He smiles to cover up the pain of losing his aunt.
And the bullying.
And the people he can't save as Spider-Man.
The avengers don't notice anything wrong with Peter. (Except maybe Nat, cuz she's Nat)
Well, one day.. let's just say someone decided to kidnap Peter.. and the avengers didn't know about it.

This story is gonna have Iron-dad, Spider-son, superfamily, Stony, and spidey-pool !!
I also see Tom Holland as spider man, since both Ned and MJ will be in this, but you can picture him however you want!

It no way does this story support suicidal things !!! Also beware there will be angst in this story, cuz come on! Who doesn't like some angst ? And some fluffy stuff:)))

**WARNING** there will be violent themes such as cussing, cutting, attempted suicide, torture, and a lot of blood

(Please don't judge the story! It's my first fan-fiction ! But please give my book a try!!)

Alsooo I do not own marvel !! Only the plot belongs to me :)) and I got most of the pics from Pinterest and google!!