Host club, Seven Minutes In Heaven

Host club, Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Tamaki Suoh/Daddy By TamakiLovesRamen Updated Jul 17

Tamaki stood up and smiled,"Alright ladies..." he said and smiled confidently,"Time to play some games."

You had come just for show. At least that's all you'd say... even though you really did enjoy being around the host club.

Kyouya and Haruhi remained to the side of the room, the twins talking to a group of girls and Tanaki classicly being swarmed with questions on what game they'd be playing.

"We will be playing seven minutes in heaven!" he announced as you met eyes with him across the room... he was planning something.

"Each of the host put something in..."

Minx-Rios Minx-Rios Jun 21
I like how no one is bothered by the thought of Hani wasting a perfectly good cupcake THAT BETTER BE FAKE
Go fish?????!!!! Why!! I am a Tamaki fan so now I feel sad please re do it
It's perfect. It really did suit him, if it would be in the real anime, he would go like this: I would love to play and learn a new commoner game. *walks in closet* and starts playing cards like you described😅
ShaSha_Walker ShaSha_Walker Oct 13, 2015
It's true he would be clueless at that game that's when you would explain how to play to him an then you would start kissing at least that's what I read in the other Fanfics like this
Aesthetickenny Aesthetickenny Oct 01, 2015
Is go fish really the best way to entertain your lady Tamaki? T^T
AskingKid AskingKid Aug 26, 2014
Can you update? Or.. Y.Y do you hate me?!
                              *Runs to Tamaki's emo corner*