Twice of Trouble (Grell x Reader Fanfic)

Twice of Trouble (Grell x Reader Fanfic)

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Sebastian_the_Nurse By Sebastian_the_Nurse Updated Aug 24, 2014

Chapter 1

"Oh ______! Can you come here?!"

"Oh gosh what now?" I mumbled under my breath as I walked down the steps.

You lived in a 3 story house, your room was on the top floor. Your parents room was on the second floor along with a bathroom and an exercise room. Down in the basement was all the old junk, you never went down there, and you never liked going down there anyways.

You walked down the steps ready to face what your mom has to tell, yell, or cry to you about. She was always over emotional, in everything.

"You never did the dishes."

"Acutely, I did. Those were from after I did the them in the morning."

"Don't get all smart-alec on me missy. I'm the parent. Now, where's your phone?"


"Because I said so!" 

I ran up stairs to get it. I looked around my room and eventually found it. After I ran back down the stairs, she was giving me the 'gimme' look. I moaned and handed her my phone. She put her hands on my shoulders and moved me to the dirty dishes.

"Now mom?!"...

NoelleTrash NoelleTrash Jul 28
Eh that's okay. I don't like volleyball anyways. I'd rather do the dishes than getting hit in the face with a ball for an hour or so. (I'm that bad at sports. I like basketball, but I'd never play it in a team.)
haley23813 haley23813 Sep 02
Next time u boop my nose I'm going to bite ur finger off woman! Seriously tho my family knows not to put their hands anywhere near me bc I bit
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Then I'll steal it from your bedroom everyday to play with the FBIs and Shu
My friend once said that the English like us were the english muffins and the French were the french fries!
Does any of you feel this crazy vibe inside you when you hear the songs? I do!
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Omg you're like me arentcha
                              Half of my playlist is all anime openings and I don't even listen to the other songs except Despacito